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Post  Rhan Komo on Fri Oct 11, 2013 8:45 am

A Game in beta.

It is Third Person Action Sci-Fi shooter game. You control your character "Tenno" that has multiple customization upgrades and different ways to characterize your character with weapons, Robot Helpers, and Color Schemes.

Most of the Levels are simple copy and paste levels with some variant of colors and nature. The common Enemy are relatively easy, perhaps too easy, but the catch are the large amounts and often the Level Terran has some nasty surprises.

The interface is quite easy to get use to, the control keys are customizable (So people like me can easily find a perfect control keys to use for optimal gaming). The Story itself is quite not really there, since the missions are pretty much repeats of everything and the conquest of the galaxy (Or rather Saving the Galaxy) just is repeat once you played around 10 or more Missions you will notice it rather quickly.

The story!

In the Galaxy there were heroes, warriors, beings of power and strength, they were known as the Tenno. After years the Tenno returned to their sleep, a stasis, and now with new groups emerging and Empires rising the Tenno are needed again to fight against the corruption and spread of a plague ready to tear the Galaxy apart.

The Tenno have multiple designs and as the time continues more and new Tenno's emerge from their sleep to take part of the defense of the Galaxy. (So they add new characters and such, but pretty much they just add variants and in my opinion the difference is only in play style)

The Beta is open so any can try, there can about 4 Players to a Squad and this Squad can easily take any mission unless you wish to go solo which is still an option.

Warframe Link <- Website for more information

I find this game interesting and fun, I haven't invested much time just enough to gain the basics of the controls and game style and meta. I find it like playing a game of CoD or Halo something like that, no worry of actual story just log in and shoot stuff. It's almost mindless in the combat aspect until you realize that perhaps you shouldn't be taking so much damage Razz

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