Combine Points (CP's)

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Combine Points (CP's) Empty Combine Points (CP's)

Post  Laz Uli on Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:34 pm

CP points are on your Combine side bar under HP, XP and Level. When you hit that it takes you to a page with a bank of links you can click on.

You don't have to vote, just click-- but do it every day and your Combine Points reach the point where you can spawn a free ship, vehicle, droid or custom role play item. They're great ships and while, you will get paid and be able to eventually afford to purchase a ship of your own, many players get their first ships from the CP system.

Even if nothing appeals, you can earn the ship, sell it off, and buy something that does. CP bonus entities rotate out about once a year and the DC's don't exist, so they aren't a producible thing and the entities become rare upon being rotated out. Rare items often command decent prices on the market.

There are four boxes that you may want to take the time to vote on as you get 20cp's instead of 10 if you do.

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