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Post  Laz Uli on Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:50 am

Hyperspace Entry Points (or HSEPs) are the 8 potential locations you can enter a system from. You always enter the corner closest to your destination. E.g., if you're flying North into a system, you'll enter the system at the Southern point.


"Microjumping" is the term given to travelling by hyperspace out of a system, only to re-enter it from a different direction. This is very beneficial when you have very low sublight speeds, or if you're trying to span a long distance.

There is also an additional use. If you are entering a system you do not wish to be spotted in, firstly travel to a deep space location near the system, and then microjump inwards to minimise your sublight time. You should also ensure you time your arrival to be a time at which you are online, so that you can immediately sublight and reduce your chance of being detected.

In order to enter a system from the desired angle, you need to intentionally "miss" the system, exit hyperspace into deep space, and then hyperjump towards your destination, now at the desired angle.

To "miss" you modify your coordinates as follows:

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