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Post  Christian Hall on Fri Feb 19, 2016 9:36 pm

City Designer

The goal of this thread is to give a run down on what one should be mindful of when designing a city.
It lists the buildings that effect important stats, and gives some general idea on how to balance all those stats while still getting what you want out of the city.

It also serves as a collection of the designs we use and explains why they were designed the way they were.

If anyone is able to come up with a better design, or has an idea for a city, then they are free to post links to what they've come up with.

Making a successful city:

The city designer has a few stats. The ones of note are:
Power - Flats - E.R

The important thing to remember when designing a city is to keep the E.R(Employment Rate) on the city designer between 1.3-1.5.
The issue is balancing what you want from the city, whether that be income, production, mining, etc. with the E.R.

Power Generators, as of now, are the only things that can raise the power stat of the city.
Almost everything that's built will require power.

The Flat (Flats are homes. Apartments. It's a British term I believe) stat effects the population of the planet. Whatever faction owns the most powered Flats/population, controls the planet. City designs that focus on high flat producing buildings that finish quickly are needed for taking quick control of any planets found while system hunting.

The E.R is effected by how many flats are in the city along with how many jobs exist.
Adding more jobs makes the E.R go up, Adding more flats makes the E.R go down.

The buildings that increase Flats are things like, Personal Residences, hotels, Semi-detached Houses, Highrises, Skyscrapers, and a few others..

Most buildings that increase the E.R produce the most income.


Every building that generates income has an optimum number. If you have more than that number of facilities of one type, then they all start earning less.

I believe the optimum number for the below facilities is:

Hotels: 4  per city on the planet
Banks: 4 per city on the planet
Taverns: 4 per city on the planet
Garages: 4 per city on the planet
Casinos: 1 per 4 cities on planet

If anyone can find the numbers for other facilities, please post them here. They are secret numbers, so someone with a lot of experience in this field will have to give you there best guess.


Crime is a planet wide stat that negatively effects income if it's too high.

The facilities that increase the crime level on a planet are:
Hotel, Park, Tavern, Factory, Mine, Warehouse, Slave Market, Labour Camp, Bank, Alazhi Farm, Naval Shipyard, Dry Dock, Research Centre, Computer Control Centre, Lab, Port, Chemical Processing Facility.

The facilities that lower the Crime level are:
Civic Centre, Barracks, Prison, Statue, Fountain, Port, Casino, Crew Quarters, Chemical Processing Facility, Council Flats, Conference Centre, Command Centre, Government House, Royal Hapan Palace, Palace, Holonet Communication Centre.


There are some restrictions on what can be built in some terrains.
Nothing bigger than 5x5

Hidden Cities:
Nothing bigger than 3x5 (except for: factory, hospital, mine, training academy, alazhi farm, Command Centre, walls)

Cities built in caves have unbuildable areas due to stalactites/stalagmites, these are represented on the map by a semi-transparent red square.
May not exceed 3x5 in size (except for Mines)
NONE of the following: KDY V150, LNR 1, LNR 2, Shield Generator and Dry Dock

Examples of designs we use:

City design For our small moon, Munt(Left the cave square clear for hunting):,1,0,h;2,1,1,h;2,1,2,h;2,1,3,h;3,1,4,h;3,1,5,h;3,1,6,h;3,1,7,h;4,1,8,h;4,1,9,h;4,1,10,h;4,1,11,h;70,1,12,h;70,1,13,h;20,1,14,h;20,1,15,h;64,1,16,h;64,1,17,h;64,1,18,h;64,1,19,h;49,5,13,v;25,12,13,v;25,12,4,v;26,17,4,v;78,5,8,h;20,14,17,v;49,5,0,v;10,18,15,v;10,15,15,v;9,15,13,v;28,17,16,v;20,15,17,v;20,12,17,v;5,12,0,v;20,19,0,v;88,16,0,v;31,13,7,v;80,17,7,v;6,17,11,v;|5|v


Design for the 19 hidden cities on Munto Codru
We decided to hide the majority of the cities, because having too many cities can make the planet look ugly and crowded on the galaxy map.,1,0,h;2,1,1,h;2,1,2,h;2,1,3,h;3,1,4,h;3,1,5,h;3,1,6,h;3,1,7,h;4,1,8,h;4,1,9,h;4,1,11,h;70,1,12,h;70,1,13,h;64,1,14,h;20,1,17,h;20,1,19,h;20,1,18,h;28,5,11,h;64,1,15,h;64,1,16,h;5,8,4,v;20,5,17,v;26,9,11,v;5,9,8,v;5,16,6,v;1,11,19,v;1,12,19,v;5,5,1,h;5,5,4,h;5,8,1,h;5,13,16,h;5,8,16,h;5,5,8,h;20,6,17,v;1,9,15,v;1,7,15,v;1,11,15,v;1,9,19,v;1,5,15,v;1,12,12,v;1,14,19,v;1,19,19,v;1,5,14,v;1,6,15,v;1,7,14,v;1,12,15,v;5,16,16,v;5,13,12,v;5,17,12,v;5,13,1,v;5,12,4,v;5,16,3,v;5,13,8,v;4,1,10,h;1,12,14,v;1,16,15,v;|5|v


To go on the 5 other visible areas of our shield network:,1,0,h;2,1,1,h;2,1,2,h;2,1,3,h;3,1,4,h;3,1,5,h;3,1,6,h;3,1,7,h;4,1,8,h;4,1,9,h;4,1,10,h;4,1,11,h;70,1,12,h;70,1,13,h;20,1,14,h;20,1,15,h;64,1,16,h;64,1,17,h;64,1,18,h;64,1,19,h;28,14,9,v;49,5,13,v;25,12,13,v;25,12,4,v;26,17,4,v;20,17,17,v;20,16,17,v;78,5,8,h;5,17,0,h;20,14,17,v;49,5,0,v;6,17,9,h;12,13,10,h;20,19,16,v;9,18,13,v;10,18,15,v;10,15,15,v;9,15,13,v;|5|v


For simplicity sake, we'll have two more cities on Munto Codru, which contain the general facils that we need.

Bonus city 1:,9,1,v;64,10,1,v;64,11,1,v;64,12,1,v;88,13,1,v;4,1,16,v;4,2,16,v;4,3,16,v;4,4,16,v;70,7,16,v;70,8,16,v;70,10,16,v;70,9,16,v;20,16,17,v;20,17,17,v;20,19,17,v;49,1,1,v;80,13,12,v;31,16,11,v;6,11,16,v;44,1,10,v;3,7,12,v;3,8,12,v;3,9,12,v;3,10,12,v;5,9,5,v;5,9,8,v;32,15,0,v;33,15,6,v;|5|v

Bonus city 2:,19,17,v;3,13,1,v;3,14,1,v;3,15,1,v;3,16,1,v;64,15,10,h;64,15,9,h;2,15,8,h;2,15,7,h;2,15,6,h;2,15,5,h;26,5,9,h;49,0,13,h;49,8,13,h;20,17,17,v;20,16,17,v;64,17,15,h;80,17,12,h;64,14,11,h;7,0,0,v;25,0,9,v;5,8,0,v;5,17,1,v;20,19,8,v;93,8,5,v;28,9,10,v;20,19,5,v;|5|v


Hopefully this thread can get you started to designing some well balanced cities. If you have any creative, or more efficient designs, do not hesitate to post them here.
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