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Post  Christian Hall on Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:39 pm

One of the best series, I've ever read. Ever. That may be because I read almost all the books in one night (one night for each book).

The story is about...Super heroes! It's aimed at young adults I think, but it's serious enough to be interesting. One of the reasons I like the series is because it has the best super speed portrayal I've ever seen/read/whatever.

The prequel book, which I suggest reading first, is about a few teenagers developing powers, just in time to replace all the other super heroes that just went M.I.A. Sadly, the rest of the series (not counting maybe one more book?) seems to forget that these guys exist :/. But I still think the prequel is important to read first, because it throws you into the world.

I've read 5 or 6 of the books in the series, though I think a few more may have been added, or are Ebooks only. Not 100% sure.... BUT ANYWAY, reading order:

Super Human (prequel, note it is two words)

The Ascension (Prequel sequel)

The Quantum Prophecy / The Awakening (official series start)

Sakkara / The Gathering

Absolute Power / The Reckoning

Now, another prequel...I think... is titled Stronger. I'm not sure if I ever read that, so I don't know where it fits in with Super Human and Ascension.
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