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Post  Rhan Komo on Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:56 pm

Steam Sales of Summer!

Anywho, on with the review.

Have you ever wondered why how Lora Croft of the Tomb Raider saga is so jaded and amazing of what she does? Well this new installment of Tomb Raider kinda answers that question.

The game play smooth, graphics are (I always play on low to get most of performance from my PC and the game) great.

Story flows, a bit clunky in my mind, but for as it goes a pretty good plot. Now this is not saying I felt the purpose of releasing this game was fulfilled, but beauty be hold I cared not for the original purpose of the game and just played it through.

But for what it's designed purpose was to showcase: Explain Lora Craft's past of she became so jaded and an adventure being with immense skill. Well, you start the game with immense skill and the jaded part I guess kinda grows. But still, this *prequel* is above average for its intention.

With the Item Upgrades, Skill Points to help you get better of gathering points to upgrade and get better skills and such is nice as a side thing but your character I believe doesn't need them, to which I am glad for but it is useful to use certain skills with certain other skills. Such as if you enjoy using the bow you would find it useful to have a skill that recovers the arrows and such if you plan on playing on a higher difficulty than normal.

Have fun if you plan on playing this game and be sure to dodge.


Above average, worth the sale and only the sale in my mind.

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