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Post  Laz Uli on Sat Jun 08, 2013 1:44 am

Black Bha'lir has a handful of factories and produces a handful of items for equipping NPC's.
Heretofore, our members have received one or two of these items for their personal collections as part of our Equipment Makeover Plan. That plan will continue.

In addition, from this point forward, Black Bha`lir will offer these items by the batch, in limited quantities, at prices impossible to find on the open market, to our members for personal use only. These items are not to be purchased for resale and a member must be active and hold the rank of Corporal or above to qualify for purchase.

Our current available inventory is:
Kinetic Armor (6 per batch) -- 500,000cr
Vibroblades (20 per batch) -- 500,000cr
ELG-3As (14 per batch) -- 1,000,000cr
A-295s (7 per batch) -- 1,000,000cr

There may be a wait list on these items, depending on demand and official faction sales. Speak to me if you have any questions, or wish to make a purchase.
Laz Uli
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