Weapons Stats Table and Hunting Best Practices

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Weapons Stats Table and Hunting Best Practices Empty Weapons Stats Table and Hunting Best Practices

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Weapons Stats


They are money. Their equipment is money.
Before attacking double check your party's health. If any NPC in your party can be killed by the maximum damage of the NPC/creatures you're facing, kick them out of your party before attacking. Get another one if you like. But don't forget to pick anyone you kick out up again before you leave the tile.

That means leave the rancor alone.
Leave the A280's alone.
Leave the K43's alone.

Atmospheric damage is rolled at 1700 Combine Time

Fire Delay is 30 minutes.

Carry a MediKit.

Get your party fitted out. You can check each NPC's fit out by going to the party screen and hitting the little blue figure on the NPC's tile.

Find a red figure. Get out of your ship so you can get a better look.

On the scanner page, hit the 'attack' button next to anyone in a bandit squad. Check your range in the upper left hand corner. Write it down.

Range rules are here.

Go back to the scanner screen. Click the pictures of the enemy to bring up their fitouts. Check and record ranges and damages of all of their weapons with the link above. See the best place for you to be in range to hit them, and them to have the least effective weapons line up against you.

If the line up is too powerful and puts your NPC's at risk, go find another party to attack.

When you're content that everyone on your side will survive an altercation hit attack, double check on the next screen, then attack again.

Check your party's health and if you need to sub some out for the next round, do so.

Anything that bandits and creatures drop while you're fighting them can be claimed upon equipping it after your fight.

Once you're done with everything on that surface square, cross terrain to the next and repeat. You can then return to the original square if you like, as new things may have spawned there while you were gone.


Egg drop rates:
Statistically wise, killing the number of creatures below should lead to an egg drop:

400 Tiny
500 Small
667 Medium
1000 Large
2000 Huge
Colossal's do not drop eggs
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