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Post  Walhabie Eotak on Fri Feb 15, 2013 3:12 pm

This first guide covers building buildings on a city slab.

Pre-building Checklist:
  • Ship that can haul the RM's you need and the Builder NPC(s) required
  • Permission from the Faction to build on city slab
  • The specific RM's needed to build the building you are assigned (See requirements Here)
  • The proper Datacard, if you are not building one of the Basic Buildings
  • Location and orientation of the building you are assigned to build

Next thing to do is to get to the planet and city slab you will be building on. Once you are at the slab you need to be to the right of buildings upper left corner. (You can also be at the upper right of it if you want) So for example if you are asked to place a "Park" at 8,8 than you need to land at 7,8. Park your ship and hop out of the ship.

Now, just scroll down while you look at the right hand column and look for the "Production" Section, right under the list of all your items and credits.

City/Building Construction Produc10

Then click on the section that reads "Facility Construction", where you will see the following options:

City/Building Construction Nextst10

  • So you will first enter in the name of the building in the top most box. (Where it says "Facility Name")
  • Next: click on the drop-down menu next to the 7x7 and find the building you are assigned to build. In this example we will be building a park. But select the building you are to build and find it in the list.
  • Now you are selecting where you are going to build the facility/building. You can do this one of two ways. Buy selecting the location using the drop-down menu, OR, you can select the point in the map to the right. You will only be able to build on one of the boxes/coordinates that are greyed out on the map.
  • Then, you can choose the "Orientation" of the building. This can be a factor in many of the buildings you might be assigned to construct so be sure if you aren't sure you talk to the person in charge. We are building a "Park" and the orientation doesn't matter.
  • Just one more thing to do before you click that "Next Step" button. We need to select who is going to own the building/facility once it is completed. In most cases, unless you have worked out a deal with the faction, you will change this to "Black Bha`lir".
  • Finally you can click that "Next Step" button

Now you will see the following page:

City/Building Construction Materi11

  • On the left you will see what RM's you need to build the building/facility you have selected, what you have in your ship, and what you need if you are missing any RM's.
  • In the upper center of the screen you will see the area where you need to pick your Builder NPC, and how long it will take the NPC(s) to build the facility. You will just highlight the NPC(s) to work on the project. For this guide, just one.
  • In the center of the page you will see a heading of "Roads:". This is not extremely important, but you will want to uncheck any directions where roads are not needed around the building/facility. But again if you screw up this part it won't hurt anything.
  • At the bottom center of the page you might have multiple choices for what the building/facility will look like when completed. Just verify with the person that assigned the job to you if you are not sure.
  • On the right you will find the map and an image of what the facility should look like and the placement of the facility before you have started the project. Be sure to triple check everything, location, building/facility type, the image of the final project, and orientation of the facility before clicking on the "Start Build" button... as there is no going back and these are not cheap.

After you are all done you will get a New General Event saying that you started the construction of the facility. When the NPC's are done you will get another one letting you know when you are done.
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