Station Construction

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Station Construction

Post  Rhan Komo on Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:01 pm

Picture by Picture guide of how to build Stations.

Here are the Combine Rules for general Station Construction:
To begin construction you must be:
  • You must not be travelling

  • Have at least one builder NPC supervised by you in the entrance/exit room of your ship

  • You (or your faction) must have enough credits

  • Have sufficient raw materials located in one or more ships in the same square

  • The owner, commander, pilot or on the crewlist of the ship containing the materials

  • Have 'Manage Space Stations' level 2 or greater, if building for your faction

  • Have permission from the group controlling the system/planet (where applicable)

  • At coordinates where there are no other stations*

  • In possession of the datacard for the station type you wish to build

* For the time being stations are restricted to 1 per square. This is open to change at a later date. Wrecked stations do not count so you may build a station at the location of a wrecked station.

You may build as many stations as you like at once. Once construction has started you are free to move around, leave the system or start building another station.


To Start located the Station Construction option on your left Task Bar:

Once you have selected this option you will be brought to this screen where there are certain requirements that are needed before proceeding to build your station:

Once you have Filled out the Name of the Station, what kind of station you are building and who the owner will click next:

You will be brought to another screen that will display the RM (Raw Materials) needed to construct the Station. You much selected which RM's you want to use and be sure you are assigned these RM's or been given the RM Privs from the Faction.

Scroll below and you will see the Builder Section, here you will select how many and who will build this Station, Crtl+Click any Builder or all will be already selected. Like so below:

Click next and you have finally started your first Station Construction. =)
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