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Squads on Patrol Empty Squads on Patrol

Post  Rhan Komo on Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:09 am

NPCs (non player characters) have levels just like PCs (player characters). Each NPC is hireable only at a certain type of facility. Not everyone has access to those so some factions-- like us-- hire NPCs then sell them (ic their services) to other players. To get top credits, they need to be leveled, which means trained. They accrue XP by fulfilling their ingame function, ie, builders get XP from building, miners from mining, soldiers from fighting and patrolling.

Fighting can kill them and wastes funds. Patrolling can't, so we start you off with patrolling NPCs. How many one can squad and patrol is a function of one's skill point assignment.

One picks 12 on the party screen, and then moves down to Selected Actions Squad: Create Squad
Then Squads: Patrol. You then set your 5 waypoint route.
0,0 to
0,21 to
21,21 to
21,0 to
0,0 and go.

Do this until you cannot handle another squad.

Your Infantry Command skill dictates how many squads you can handle. Skill + 1. So someone with a skill level 0 can set 1 squad patrolling. Someone with a skill level 1 can set 2 squads up, etc.

Step One: How to make a squad and how to make them obey you!

Squads on Patrol 8a3165653fa10474ab1f04f793bc08b4cfda8790_r

Here you simply locate the Party button and click. Next either select your party or any NPC you wish to make your squad.

Squads on Patrol F2c269065835fa9704f738a919c9c0cfdba77cb7_r

The red circle is where once you selected the NPCs click and you see a scroll menu with multiple choices, select "Squads: Create a Squad"  

Squads on Patrol 97716a613bab0b7ba22b4a8af5b6914977e2768d_r

You see green indications that you have either successfully or failed to create desired squad.  

The squad will automatically be issued the order to "Follow" you.

Squads on Patrol 4a516c6032a20074afbe74ae13c1bc088e37a685_r

Squads on Patrol 1a2266867d348a15017756a283e0391d1651902e_r

Now time to make your squad obey you. Find the Action menu once more, (From how you were able to create a squad) and you'll see that in the scrolldown Squad: Patrol, and other orders for them. Click your squad and process the Patrol command.

Squads on Patrol 171267160a37eace0eb704af1e9df6e305e723f9_r

You'll be taken to a different window where they will show you the square you are in (without scans) and you must select the patrol points for your squad.

Squads on Patrol Ab21626535ac0772a628e221fcc574bbbfa205cb_r

You'll see another indicator that you have successfully set a squad on patrol and your squad will now say "Patrol" and the NPC's will say "Traveling"

Squads on Patrol D89362a96c8d3ec9aea6045877a2a64edf46054f_r

Congratulations! You have now bossed around your first squad! Now find out more about what else you can order mind slaves to do in the Combine universe! (Mind you not the Faction NPCs >=] )

Once you have all of your squads walking, change their names to INITIALS/SQUAD#/POSSIBLE SQUAUD#. So it will like like:
IV 1/4, IV 2/4, IV 3/4 and IV 4/4
LU 1/1
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Squads on Patrol Empty When to Keep Training the NPC

Post  Laz Uli on Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:17 pm

All NPC's that we offer on the market will be level 4 or above. NPC's can currently only level to 10.

Sometimes you'll be asked to patrol your NPC's to a certain level, say 5, and you'll be away when they actually level. By the time you return, they could be well on their way to 6. In this sort of case, instead of scrapping the extra XP, we'd rather see them level all the way to 6.

The following table shows where the cutoff is for continuing to the next level, as opposed to calling it done for now with that particular NPC. If the have reached the point in the final column, continue their training to the next level.

NPC Level XP per Level Level Again
5 10000-14999 11500
6 15000-20999 17000
7 21000-27999 23500
8 28000-35999 31000
9 36000-44999 39500
10 45000

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Squads on Patrol Empty Re: Squads on Patrol

Post  Christian Hall on Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:41 am

NPC leveling times:

Level 1 -> Level 2: 1 Week

Level 2 -> Level 3:  2-3 weeks

Level 3 -> Level 4:

Level 4 -> Level 5:

Level 5 -> Level 6:

Level 6 -> Level 7:

Level 7 -> Level 8:

Level 8 -> Level 9:

Level 9 -> Level 10:


Level 1 -> Level 10:
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Squads on Patrol Empty Re: Squads on Patrol

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